‘Krrish 3’ Halloween With Hrithik, Kangana, Vivek!



MUMBAI: Yes folks, the concept of Halloween has slowly trickled into Bollywood. And the team to take advantage of the Western holiday was none other than ‘Krrish 3’, lined up for release tomorrow.

Part of the cast of ‘Krrish 3’ were seen promoting their film at a Halloween event for a PC brand. Superstar turned superhero Hrithik Roshan was there, along with ‘Krrish 3’ villains Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut. Sadly, his on-screen girlfriend Priyanka Chopra was missing in action.

Considering that Halloween is a festival of horrors, perhaps that is why Hrithik chose to promote ‘Krrish 3’ only with the baddies of the film.

In a bandhgala-esque blazer over slim white pants, and reading glasses (a first!), Hrithik looked absolutely smashing. Kangana too donned the shades of the night, and was seen in a knee length, fitted black dress. However, her dark red lipstick added the required element of horror to the proceedings.

Vivek Oberoi, on the other hand, probably didn’t get the memo about it being Halloween, for he was seen in a white tee, olive green military jacket and jeans (a look he seems to repeat at every event. So boring)

The trio did mingle with the fake zombies and undead at the event, though, keeping with the spirit of Halloween.