LEAKED: Disturbing Images Of Jiah Khan’s Dead Body


MUMBAI: In grief, people end up doing a lot of things especially when the person in question was a loved one. Four months after her daughter’s controversial death, Rabia Khan tweeted pictures of Jiah Khan, just moments before her funeral.

In a couple of tweets, Rabia Khan talked about Jiah Khan and how difficult it is for her as her mother to have to see her daughter in the state that she was in.

Jiah Khan committed suicide, and recently her ex-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi was in jail too before being let out.0398_2013-06-04_02_45_25 0399_2013-06-04_02_48_19 0399_2013-06-04_02_55_02 0400_nafisa_photo 0400_nafisa_photo2 0401_nafisa_photo4

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