Just In Pics: Sanjay Dutt Salutes On His Way Out Of Yerwada Jail





Sanjay-DuttSanjay-Dutt-6[tps_footer]Yes, it’s time for all of us to be happy and celebrate the return and release of our very own Sanju Baba a.k.a Munna Bhai from a terrible phase he has just gone through and came out as a winner, no more guilty.

He was issued a five-year sentence for getting caught in the 1993 bomb blast case, in which Sanjay has served more than fifty months in two installments. Yes, he was given  parole and furlough at various times on different grounds. Which was also reported a lot of time in a negative way and was assumed if the government officials are being “too supportive” towards him.


But no one could help Sanjay Dutt from his mistake of trusting wrong ones in his life and becoming part of such a big horrible case against “Humanity”. But he surrender himself and co operated with the law and was actively a part of all the court’s proceedings. He spent almost, 18 months in jail as an undertrial before he was granted bail and later, following a Supreme Court order in May 2013, he was sent to the Yerawada Jail to serve the remaining 42 months of his five-year sentence. Which he has completed now and is let loose, set free from this case.

He hugged his wife Manyata and that smile of togetherness is unavoidable on their faces. It’s reported, Sanjay will not really party hard today, he will only spend time with his family and friends. All those who are eager to see him and be with him again, this is the day many have been waiting for. It’s a happy event for all, I guess. We are happy too for the fact that he played no blame game but served his sentence thoroughly and now he can make a new start in his life with no guilt.


Here is what Sanjay said for his fans at Pune Airport after his release from Yerwada Jail : “Unke (fans) support ki wajah se mai yahan hoon”. There are times when even fans don’t realize what kind of love and support they have blessed a star with. Sanjay Dutt always got a lot of love from people and acceptance too. He made a mistake but he even corrected it. That’s an example to look for. No wonder why he is loved so much.

Even B-Town people can’t stop sharing there happiness on social media and have already come up with multiple projects to do with Sanjay Dutt. It looks like Sanjay will have later half of this year and  2017, 2018 years only for his movies. What a bang on come back Sanju baba !!