Watch: Krushna Abhishek REVEALS How Salman Khan Saved Comedy Nights Bachao!


[tps_footer]Ever since Krushna Abhishek replaced Kapil Sharma in Comedy Nights show, the actor/comedian has faced much backlash. Krushna took over Kapil’s show and now it is renamed as Comedy Nights Live. Well, the battle is on.

Krushna, who has worked in many comedy shows on television, was working in a show ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ before getting Kapil’s show. The actor has experienced his fare share of backlash when he decided to host a show on the same channel as his rival Kapil Sharma. The entire team of CNB was in pressure as they were told the show wouldn’t work because Kapil owns the weekend on that channel.

Speaking to media about CNB, Krushna shared the pressure the entire team went through when they started the show. He mentioned how Salman Khan’s presence actually helped them in their ratings and also opened the door for more big actors to come for promotions on their show.

He said “There is a lot of pressure. We managed to run Comedy Circus for 8 years. Then, we did Comedy Classes. That show did not get major response and the ratings were average. Then, we got a major challenge with Comedy Nights Bachao. It was the biggest challenge to bring a show on Saturday as Kapil Sharma had his big show on Sunday. We were in tension that if the Comedy Nights Bachao didn’t work, then it means we have to pack up our careers from television. We took a big risk by becoming a part of this show. When the show started, I was told by people that no one would be interested to come on your show. Comedy Nights Show is a roast show and it won’t work in India. I said that our show isn’t like AIB one but yes there is a lot of leg pulling in it. Big stars won’t come on your show for promotions. That also scared us. Then, we got the biggest support from Salman Khan. Salman Bhai came on the show and enjoyed a lot as you can see from the episode. Because of his presence the show took a good pick up. He came on the show then every actor got some confidence that the comedians won’t go overboard with leg-pulling. Then, Shah Rukh sir came and even he enjoyed a lot.”

Krushna is currently hosting ‘Comedy Nights Live’ on Colors channel replacing Kapil Sharma.[/tps_footer]