PHOTOS: Akshay Kumar Is The ‘Boss’ On Dussehra!


AKSHAY 14102013

MUMBAI: Earlier during the festive season, it was Shah Rukh Khan to be seen everywhere. Now, it is either Hrithik Roshan or Akshay Kumar and today we have the latter with us.

Akshay Kumar will be seen in the movie ‘Boss’ later this week, and was hence seen at a Dussehra rally on Sunday.

Akshay Kumar wants to show Ravan who’s the ‘Boss’ because he took the bow & arrow into his own hands. Dressed in a pink kurta with a black jacket around it, he cut a formidable figure.

The crowds were pulsated at the sight of Akshay Kumar, who only recently was seen in the films in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara’. He’s quite the street-smart hero, and it showed in the excitement among the crowd.

‘Boss’ releases on 18 October, 2013.