Photos: Salman Khan With Family Leaving From His House For Court




Bollywood star Salman Khan was snapped leaving from his house in Galaxy Apartment in Bandra for Bombay High Court to attend his 2002 hit and run case verdict in Mumbai, today morning.

Salman Khan’s brother Sohail Khan, father Salim Khan, sister Arpita Khan Sharma and mother Salma Khan were spotted with actor at his Galaxy Apartment.

In rough beard look, Salman Khan was spotted hugging his mom before leaving in his car for the court. It was surely an emotional moment for mother and son.

Dabangg Khan was also spotted waving hand to his fans that gathered outside his apartment in Bnadra, pouring all the love and support for him. Salman Khan left in his SUV car accompanied by his bodyguard Shera

Also superstar Shah Rukh Khan visited Salman Khan’s home on the eve of the verdict. He was snapped outside Salman’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra last night at 1 am. Arpita Khan, Sohail Khan, Sajid Nadiadwala, David Dhawan, Baba Siddiqui and a few others also visited his house.

As we reported about the crucial day for Bollywood star Salman Khan, the court has announced final verdict on 2002 hit and run case.

The verdict is out; Salman Khan has been convicted of all charges under 304 II culpable homicide not amounting to murder. The lawyer has made a plea to reduce the sentence.

If Salman is convicted for less than three years, he can approach the Sessions court for bail. If he is convicted more than three years, he has to approach the Bombay HC. The punishment will be decided today.

While arguing for the lesser sentence, Salman says he is ready to pay compensation. Salman Khan convicted of all 8 charges, including 304 II. Court observes Salman Khan was driving under the influence of alcohol.