PHOTOS: Shah Rukh Khan Is Everywhere For ‘Chennai Express’



KOLKATA/MUMBAI: ‘Chennai Express’, Shah Rukh Khan’s next film, is still a week away, but the Bollywood superstar has stepped up his show. He was on a twin city tour of Bhopal and Ahmedabad on Friday, but on Saturday he crossed the country to have a full-day tour of his ‘hometown’ Kolkata.

And that’s not all. The ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ actor was back in Mumbai on Sunday to shoot for two television shows, back-to-back. Does Shah Rukh Khan ever sleep, or does he have duplicates?

In Kolkata, while Shah Rukh Khan promoted his film, he also spoke about various other matters. He spoke about how it is important for parents to instill in their children a sense of respect for women. “We have to change the concept of how we bring up our children at home. We need to teach boys how to be gentle, good and respectful to women,” Shah Rukh Khan said, when he was asked to comment on the rise of crimes against women.

He also asked his fans in Kolkata to adopt him and to keep him there forever. Shah Rukh Khan is part-owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, Kolkata’s IPL cricket team. Because of this, he enjoys a huge following there.

Shah Rukh Khan even appeared on a primetime soap opera. He interacted with the actors and even danced with one of the actresses to one of his own songs.

Along with Rohit Shetty and Deepika Padukone, his ‘Chennai Express’ director and co-star, Shah Rukh Khan even appeared on a reality show on TV. The two co-stars danced to another number from ‘Chennai Express’ while interacting sweetly with the kids on the show.

What was visible about Shah Rukh Khan was his amount of energy. Does this man ever tire? Also, notice the long hair. As the talk around Farah Khan’s next film ‘Happy New Year’ suggests, is this the look for his next film? Time will tell.

‘Chennai Express’ releases on 9 August, 2013, the Eid weekend.