Photos: Sidharth Malhotra And Shraddha Kapoor Promote Ek Villain


Promotion of Film ' VILLAIN ' at Hotel Hindustan International009There is too much written about their kiss in Ek Villain. Now according to Shraddha an on-screen kiss is the most technical part of filmmaking.

“The kiss was one of the last scenes we actually shot in our schedule. Because we got to know each other so well during the shoot, we were comfortable with each other. Also A kiss is the most technical thing, even more than stunts.” stated Shraddha.

“It’s not as exciting as people make it sound. We have to give retakes and you have to follow certain instructions at times. Sometimes the camera doesn’t catch you right, sometimes you have to get your facial postures correct. So it’s as professional as it can be. And there are too many people around on the set.” added her co-star of Ek Villain, Sidharth.