Raageshwari Loomba: The Runaway Bride


Raageshwari Loomba-10[tps_footer]Yes its true! Raageshwari Loomba, got married to London based international law barrister on January 27, 2014 in Mumbai and is running away to London for good.

Raageshwari’s close friends from the industry including Kabir Bebi, Aftab Shivadasani with his girlfriend Nin Dusanj, Raell Padamsee, Puneet Issar, Madhoo Shah, Nishka Lulla and Neeta Lulla, Rajkumar Hirani and his wife, Manjeet, Karan Oberoi and Hanif Hilal attended this lavish wedding

Sudhanshu is a famous barrister practicing in London. He has specific interest in the relationship between multinational corporations and the environment. The duo have been dating each other since December 2012, and the couple eventually decided to tie the knot.

Designer Troy Costa designed Raageshwari’s wedding gown while ace designer Neeta Lulla designed her bridal sari.

A happy and content Raageshwari said, “I was happily single till December 2012, when my parents and common friends introduced me to this gentle-hearted man. When I insisted on communicating only through e-mails, he kindly obliged. It was awe-inspiring to learn about his work in Afghanistan, Darfur, Syria and the UN.”

“It’s incredible to see the people around us so happy. I guess they were tired of seeing us single. It’s our first time in holy matrimony and we look at each other and affirm, ‘Now I know why I waited for so long’,” she added.

Her parents Veera Loomba and Trilok Loomba, and brother Rishabh and sister-in-law Brinda welcomed the guests. Raageshwari and Sudhanshu Swaroop looked very happy and much in love. Sudhanshu arrived to wed his bride on a horse wearing a traditional white chudidaar-kurta designed by a Neeta Lulla.

Raageshwari took to Facebook to inform the good news to all. She confirms, “We were introduced by my beloved parents and his friends via email. The communication grew by the good old mail. Letters of faith, love and compassion  – snail speed physically, but we were connected spiritually instantly. As he is from London, we have spent little time together but all the time over Skype”.

After marriage, Raageshwari will be shifting to London. She said the decision was not easy for her. “Shifting to London has also been a very tough decision. My parents are my twin-souls. But it’s only his work as Human Rights Barrister that made me take the plunge. The fact that he cares for people and wants to make this world a better place makes me deeply happy.”

Here’s wishing both Raageshwari and Sushanshu a happy married life!

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