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Rani-09 [tps_footer]Rani Mukerji is on a promotional spree these days promoting her upcoming film Mardaani. The Mardaani actor is been traveling across India and after visiting Jhansi, she made her next stop at Gujarat’s Ambaji temple, and now she made a visit to Kolkata’s Kalighat temple.

Rani Mukerji recently made a visit to Kolkata’s Kalighat temple, a huge mob appeared from no where just to have a glimpse of the Bengali beauty.

As soon as Rani entered, mobs of people armed with cameras and smartphones, went crazy jumping to have the best view. People were excited to just take a small glimpse of their favourite Mardaani star.

Rani also visited St Xaviers College where she interacted with the students. She spoke to the girls about how they should be fearless and strong and each one should have the Mardaani spirit in them. They should not take any injustice done to them lying down and should always have the fighter’s spirit in them. The girls were really excited to meet Rani and were inspired by her words.

On the occasion of World Photographers’ Day, Rani who is usually in front of the camera lens, decided to go behind it. It is the 175th year of celebrating people who capture beautiful moments and help you remember them lifelong. Rani Mukerji celebrates their spirit by using her camera lense.

Recently the CBFC gave the film an A certificate. Mardaani is one of the most awaited film. Rani for the first time will be seen playing the role of a cop. Mardaani is a very gripping and gritty film which will be touching the sensitive topic of Human Trafficking.

Rani Mukerji’s Mardaani is all set to release on August 22, 2014 and with the blessing from the lord we hope the movie does exceptionally well at the box office and also spreads the desired message portrayed by the actress in the movie.

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