REVEALED: All About Emraan Hashmi’s New Lady!


The word is out! Emraan Hashmi‘s new heroine in Vikram Bhatt‘s Aaina is Alisa Kkhan. Yes, Kkhan with double “k”!

Alisa Kkhan made her debut with My Husband’s Wife. She is all excited for her second film Aaina, and adding up to her joy is Emraan Hashmi. When asked how it was working with Bollywood’s “serial kisser”, Alisa says, “It was a dream come true to work with Emraan Hashmi. It is great to be called Emraan’s new lady!”

Alisa belongs to the lineage of Mohammad Nawab Ghaziauddin Khan, after whom Ghaziabad is named. We asked her, which star she would love to work with in her next, and quickly comes the reply, “Saif Ali Khan.” And, why? “We are two nawabs of Bollywood, and it would be great to work together,” answers Alisa.

She is just one film old, but Alisa has all her plans sets. She reveals that she is not interested in being anybody’s sidekick, and only wants to focus on lead roles. “I don’t want to do any supporting roles. I am sexy, cute, new face of 2013, and I know that I have all that it takes to be Bollywood’s leading lady,” says the confident Alisa Kkhan.

Talking about her foray in the film industry Alisa says, “I started working from the age of 12 years and have always believed in looking ahead. I am a trained belly dancer and an extremely passionate actor. I started modeling. Believe you me, I will be the number 1 actress one day!”

Seems like Alisa too has had her share of controversial limelight – right from a lesbian attack from her co-actress Rakhi Vohra, to lashing out at people who compared her with Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra.

When asked about this, she answers, “I’d not tolerate being featured in the bracket of Sherlyn Chopra, Poonam Pandey, or anybody like them. I want to be like top Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra.”

Confidence? Or over-confidence? Let us know!

For all Emraan Hashmi updates from Bollywood, and much more, keep watching this space!

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