Salman Khan And Sunny Leone In Action

SALMANSUNNY022[tps_footer]Salman Khan is one superstar who can get away with anything, be it cracking jokes on himself or even making fun of other actors, this Khan does it with a lot of ease.

The recently concluded Star Guild Awards had a lot of memorable moments. The first to make the headlines were the awards itself, then came in the historic hug between the two Khan’s: Salman and Shah Rukh and last but not the least the Salman Khan and Sunny Leone banter that had everyone in splits.

Salman was in a mood to have some fun and thus gave the former adult star Sunny Leone some tips how to drape a nine yard, who looked stunning in a gold and shimmer gown.

Khan, who was hosting the award show, was said to be at his best. He not only made the evening memorable by his one liners, but also added some humour by teaching Leone how to drape a sari on stage and said “Well I am teaching you how to wear because you are well verse with taking it off.”

Sunny also made an emotional statement about her husband, Daniel Weber, who happens to be her strength. “I would have been nothing if Daniel wasn’t by my side. I wanted him to reject me, so I went late for my first date with Daniel, but destiny had other plans for us.” stated Sunny.

Sunny said that her husband, who is also her manager, stood beside her through thick and thin and its only because of his unconditional support that she has been able to come so far.

Sunny, whose real name is Karen Malhotra, is a known name in the world of pornography and is now looking forward to the release of Ragini MMS 2 later this year and hopes that the Indian film fraternity and the audience accept her in different roles and take her seriously as a performer.

With so much action at the Star Guild Awards, one is eagerly waiting for its television premiere on February 02, 2014 on Star Plus.[/tps_footer]

Niyati Khanna

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