Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone Frenzy Lives On In Dubai



[tps_footer]The duo has created memorable moments on celluloid, which will be remembered by generations to come. Not only on-screen, even off-screen, Deepika and SRK share warm vibes. This was more than evident at the recently concluded Access All Areas concert in Dubai.

SRK and Deepika rocked the concert with their inimitable camaraderie and uber hot dance performance. Along with the team of diva Madhuri Dixit, Jacqueline Fernandez, singer Meiyang Chang and Honey Singh, SRK and Deepika gave Dubai a night they would never forget.

Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone were spotted returning from Dubai last evening. In a grungy white tee, denims and a nude leather jacket, SRK looked exhausted but exhilarated by the frenzy that was Dubai. Deepika looked simple yet gorgeous in a cream coloured sweater and black slacks, hair neatly tied up and a pair of glasses framing her dimpled face.

Naturally, their arrival at Mumbai’s international airport created a stir. SRK and Deepika posed for photographs before being whisked away in their respective cars.

As per reports, the world tour was a smashing success, with Dubai unable to get enough of their favourite Bollywood superstars. Shah Rukh Khan himself tweeted his feelings of joy mingled with fatigue at the blowout event: “Show over…The frenzy lives on… it’s nice to be appreciated. It makes me feel I tried and it was good enough. Thanks Dubai!”


So mesmerised and overjoyed was he, that he even live tweeted his favourite picture of the night: him with Madhuri, Deepika and Jacqueline wrapped around his arms. Not for nothing is he the King Khan, eh? [/tps_footer]