HUGS AGAIN? Shah Rukh Khan Invites Salman Khan For Iftar Party

It was Salman Khan who initiated the hug at Baba Siddiqui's Iftar party two weekends ago. And now it is Shah Rukh Khan's time to “turn the page”.


MUMBAI: The Big Khan Patch-Up is happening as we speak.

Two weekends ago, Salman Khan took the initiative to hug Shah Rukh Khan at politician Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party. The hug created huge ripples across Bollywood and among the fan base of both the stars. Shah Rukh Khan, too, tweeted about the hug.

Everyone was still wondering whether the hug was just a publicity stunt. Even family members like Sohail Khan and Salim Khan asked the media to read less into the hug.

And now, Shah Rukh Khan is returning the goodwill. We have learnt that Shah Rukh Khan is organising an Iftar party at his Dubai residence for all his close friends. This party will take place tonight and he has apparently invited Salman Khan for the party too.

Will Salman Khan reciprocate by going to the party? No one knows as yet. Till then let us look at their relationship from years past and hope we could get more such moments added to the list! (See More Photos Here)

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