STILLS: Akshay Kumar Makes Grand Entry In ‘Boss’ Title Track


Everyone usually remembers Ajay Devgn’s grand entries in his movies. In his debut film ‘Phool Aur Kaante’, he rode in standing on two bikes. He repeated the act in Rohit Shetty’s ‘Golmaal’ flicks while standing on two cars. And now it looks like Akshay Kumar is going to do it one better!

In the promo from the first song of the film ‘Boss’, Akshay Kumar enters standing on a car as it is being ski-driven on one side. And with that, Akshay Kumar proves that he is the winner in the contest of grand entries. (Some suggest that the scene is lifted from MIA’s video for her song ‘Bad Girls’.)

Meet Bros Anjjan sing on an infectious (yet somewhat familiar) hip-hop beat about the greatness of Akshay Kumar’s ‘Boss’ character. Akshay Kumar himself too gets a trademark dance step on the chorus hook that is sure to be copied by people everywhere.

What’s interesting about this song is that Yo Yo Honey Singh who has a slow-burn rap section midway through the song gets a huge ‘featuring’ tag in the title of the song. For someone who has sung for individually and then for everyone from Amit Trivedi to Himesh Reshammiya to Pritam Chakraborty, he sure has gathered a huge following.

The rap section by Yo Yo Honey Singh also has the meta lyric of the year with Akshay Kumar lip-syncing to “Akshay Kumar toh bhai hai apna.” (Akshay Kumar is my brother.) Meanwhile, the promo is interspersed with Akshay Kumar hitting people left, right and center, with the hitting sounds syncing with the beats of the song. Nice touch.

There’s no doubt that this song will be a huge hit. Expect some remix version as well so that people can dance to it. Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar can revel in the fact that he just out-entried Ajay Devgn.

‘Boss’ will release on 16 October, 2013.

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