Sussanne Roshan Teams Up With Pearl Academy


Suzanne 01[tps_footer]Sussanne Roshan has teamed with Pearl Academy to launch its new campus in Mumbai. Sussanne Roshan,the much in demand Interior Designer and founder of design studio The Charcoal Project, has joined hands with India’s premiere institute for design and fashion, Pearl Academy.

The Charcoal Project has collaborated with the institute to give away scholarships to e deserving students looking for an opportunity in creative careers.

At the event Sussanne Roshan said, “It is really exciting for Mumbai that Pearl Academy is coming to the city. With its rich heritage of over two decades and excellent academic standards in the fields of design, fashion, business and retail industry, the Academy will fulfill the demands of creative industries. I strongly believe that our partnership will help us encourage design as a whole across the country. It’s a thrilling opportunity being offered to the young students by Pearl Academy and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”


Sussanne Roshan holds her ground firmly on the career front and is getting stronger day by day post her separation with childhood love Hrithik Roshan. She looked picture perfect in a white short dress matched with white loafers at the event.

Sussanne Roshan happily flaunted her new tattoo, which she got inked, post her split with Hrithik. Well few years ago, when Hrithik and Sussanne were very much in love, the star couple had gotten themselves inked. Both of them had inked their forearm with the six-point star, aka Solomon’s Seal The Star of David or Creator’s Star which is symbolic of interaction of the divine with the mortal. But Sussanne has now altered her star tattoo. She has not only altered the star tattoo but has added another inked line, “Follow Your Sunshine.”

Now this is indeed a great step on your part Sussanne Roshan and we wish you all the best for it![/tps_footer]