TEACHER’S DAY: Bollywood’s Good-Bad Teachers From Sushmita To SRK


MUMBAI: The teacher-student bonding in Bollywood dates back to the time when Anil Kapoor came as the young masterji in ‘Andaz’. Since then Bollywood has had its tryst with some real great teachers and some real khadoos ones.

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, here’s a look-back at all the good-bad-ugly-pretty teachers of Bollywood. From the simple Gayatri Joshi a.k.a Geeta in ‘Swades’ to Miss Breganza in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, from Doctor Asthana in ‘Munnabha M.B.B.S’ to khadoos in ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’, here’s wishing all the teachers ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’. And can we ever forget our own Miss Chandini a.k.a Sushmita Sen?


Sushmita Sen: If there is any teacher one would have had a crush on back in college, it had to be the likes of Miss. Chandini a.k.a  Sushmita Sen in ‘Main Hoon Na’.  No teacher ever in Hindi cinema ever looked so hot. Period.


Boman Irani: If Doctor Asthana in ‘Munnabhai M.B.B.S’ was not stern enough, the act was completed by Boman Irani as Virus in ‘3 Idiots’. A principal anyone would scare to have. “Life is a race…If you dont run fast you will be a broken egg!”  How many such dialogues and philosophies have we heard back in school? Cheers to Boman Irani for igniting young minds with a competitive spirit ever since ‘Munnabhai M.B.B.S’.


Shahid Kapoor: Too cute to be a professor? Well Shahid Kapoor charmed audiences and his students with his sweet act in ‘Paathshala’. Dancing lessons always come handy with Shahid’s expert advice. And they are fun too!TEACHERS-020

Shah Rukh Khan – Mohabbatein:  There is nothing like receiving music lessons and romantic tips from the quintessential romantic Shah Rukh Khan himself. Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal as Raj Aryan as the music teacher with a big heart in ‘Mohabbatein’ is still regarded as a best gift to students.


Shah Rukh Khan – Chak De India:  If the man taught one to love, he also taught one to fight for pride and honour. Kabir Khan a.k.a Shah Rukh Khan as the coach of a hockey team surprised with his motivating act quite as convincingly as the film itself. Sometimes meanness just works for students!


Amitabh Bachchan in Mohabbatein: Wherever there are professors with golden hearts, there will always be a menacing principal. And this is reality. Amitabh Bachchan’s act in ‘Mohabbatein’ is perfectly fits in the scenario of the clash of egos. Old School Thoughts and Modern Values.


Rani Mukherji and Amitabh Bachchan in BLACK: It’s quite astonishing to believe in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Black’ who teaches whom? First its Amitabh’s poignant yet rustic act which motivates a blind Rani Mukherji to live life on her own terms. While at the end of the film its a sort of a role reversal as Rani takes the role of the teacher for her ill professor.


Gayatri Joshi: Gayatri Joshi’s character of Geeta in ‘Swades’ reminds us of a determined, young ambitious mind changing the face of a nation at the grass-root level. A leaf from the real India we always see.


Aamir Khan:  Ram Shankar Nikumbh played superbly by Aamir Khan in ‘Taare Zameen Par’ is a perfect example of a teacher. It was Aamir’s role played to perfection that broadened horizons of the kids imaginative powers along with giving a message of treating special kids as equals. The teacher wasn’t just a teacher for the students, but the parent community at large. One wont disagree!


Salman Khan:  It’s quite uncanny to put Salman Khan in this list of teachers. But the actor played perfect mentor to Govinda in finding his love. There’s a reason why Govinda thanks his ‘Partner’. Salman Khan as the love-guru in ‘Partner’ is quite a characteristic teacher one would think of!


Rishi Kapoor In Student Of The Year:  Rishi Kapoor as the funny, bubbly Dean Yoginder Vashisht leaves quite an impression with his act in ‘Student Of The Year’. Playing  a gay principal was a challenge, and the even bigger challenge is to be good with your students. Rishi Kapoor pulled the act quite brilliantly.


Rishi Kapoor In Do Dooni Chaar:  Rishi Kapoor as Professor Duggal played the middle-class teacher with much applomb. Straight out of the leaf of a common man’s life. Realistic, vulnerable yet engaging!


Miss Breganza and Pricipal Malhotra:   Archana Puran Singh and Anupam Kher in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ quite reminds us of the gossip sessions of the so-called affairs between teachers in college. Archana Puran Singh needs to be credited for brining in the sexiness as a teacher, the first in Hindi cinema.


Naseeruddin Shah: Faliures are the best teacher. And ‘Iqbal’ is a perfect example. Naseeruddin Shah’s act of rising from his failures to coach a deaf-mute Shreyas Talpade isn’t just inspiration but leaves one moist eyed and salutes the triumph of rising over failures.


Nandita Das – Rockford:  Nandita Das in ‘Rockford’. Simple teacher with high values. Practical and restrained. Probably a teacher whose impression leaves a young growing mind infatuated.


Amole Gupte – Stanley Ka Dabba:  From many brilliant minds that influenced our lives, there shall be always that one khadoos  person, you will hate as a student! Amole Gupte falls in this category. His gluttony act in ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ is a perfect reason to hate him. But he after Stanley becomes the most loved character!


Divya Dutta:  The actress charms the kids as much as audiences with her act in ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’. The perfect pre-school or primary teacher, who had the warmth of the mother.