Top 10: Sonam Kapoor’s Controversial Comments On Bollywood Stars

Sonam-Kapoor-&-Kareena-kapoor-KhanKareena Loves Gossiping: Sonam Kapoor has time and again expressed how much she adores Kareena Kapoor Khan. So much so that she once even stated that she would happily turn gay for the actress! But Sonam crossed the line once when she told Karan Johar during Koffee With Karan that Kareena is big on gossip. Well Kareena was smart enough not to hold a grudge against the young star.


Abhay-Devol-Sonam-KApoor-Shahid-kapoorClash With Co-stars: Sonam Kapoor has had miffs with many of her co-stars including Abhay Doel and Shahid Kapoor, who pointed faults in her behaviour during the shoot. Sonam and Abhay had a war of words where the actress also stated that Abhay Deol badmouthed about Anil Kapoor which she did not like one bit. Shahid Kapoor was heard saying that an entire movie should be made on Sonam Kapoor’s tantrums, as it would make for an interesting script!

Sonam-KpoorFashion In Bollywood: Sonam Kapoor has herself declared that she a fashion icon in her 20s and that she appeals to both the general public as well as the upper class fashion society. Sonam has made bizarre remarks about fashion in Bollywood in general saying stuff like men in Bollywood do not understand fashion unless they are gay, or that everyone’s style sucks, and that many people have done surgeries and they look really scary.

[tps_footer]Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is not the one to shy away from talking about something or someone, and this we have witnessed a lot. The fashionista has time and again been in the limelight for her bizarre controversial statements about fellow stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and so on. Take a look at 10 such times when Sonam Kapoor proved she is controversy’s favourite child:[/tps_footer]

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