Watch: Salman Khan’s Birthday Fever In Turkey




Salman Khan’s birthday fever is still on. Yes! You heard it right.

Salman Khan’s fan following is not only in India but also in the other parts of countries.

Dabangg Khan who had celebrated his birthday on December 27, 2014 has not come out with the special wishes from everyone.

Yesterday on social networking website huge fans of Salman Khan from Turkey shared a memorable video for Salman Khan.

Watch Video Here:

The video contributed his best movie dialogues, songs, pictures and many more. Not only this, the video also had some touching moments of Salman Khan playing with small kids. Every segment of the video has different titles saying Salman Khan thinks about others before himself, Politeness, unforgettable song, playing with children and many more.

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Around 12minute video will take you down to a memory lane of Salman Khan’s best moments and pictures of all time.

The video also has some messages by the Turkey fans wishing him Happy Birthday in different way. The fans also request the superstar to visit Turkey.

While Salman Khan is Happy to know that he has so much of fan following. He wished Turkish people thanks by posting his picture on social networking site. The picture shows that he is watching the video with his co-stars.

Salman Khan is that rare Bollywood star that has international fan following and if we think about international fan following the only two Bollywood stars pop up in our mind are Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Right now we can see how popular Dabangg Khan is!

Watch video to know Salman Khan’s Turkish fan following

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