​Oh No! Manish Paul Is In Jail


manish-Paul-Manish Paul is currently in Mathura shooting for his upcoming action thriller Ranbanka, directed by Aryaman Ramsay, veteran director-producer Keshav Ramsays son.

The talented actor, who will be seen playing the lead protagonist in his first full-fledged action flick Ranbanka, has already started preparing for his role. To prepare for his role, Manish visited Mathura jail and interacted with the prisoners.

A source says, “Manish had to shoot an intense scene in jail and he used to reach the venue two hours before the shoot every day to rehearse for his character. He also interacted with real prisoners who were huge fans of his show, Science of Stupid.”

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Manish informs, “I had to shoot an intense scene inside the jail. Since I had seen jails only in films, I decided to interact with the prisoners and see the inside of a jail to get a feel of it. Imagine my surprise when the prisoners told me that they liked to watch my show Science Of Stupid. It was fun.”

The talented actor also asked the prisoners about the crime they had committed and how much time they were serving the sentence. “The conditions are really bad there. There are no fans or lights and the toilets are inside only. I felt their pain and told them they should think about their kids and families and detest from committing crimes. For the first time I saw handcuffs, how they are chained, etc. The cops were very helpful,” adds Manish.