10 Famous Signature Poses By Famous Bollywood Stars!


We recognize some people for the way they talk, some for the way they look and others, for the way they move and pose. The latter goes with our Bollywood stars, of course after the fact that they are unique with their different acting skills. Almost every Bollywood star has a signature pose, a pose that makes him stand out. A signature pose that reminds us of them no matter what. A pose that we have tried to master and have failed drastically at it.

These Bollywood stars have to act, pose every day and every minute and while adjusting to their routine, they somehow form a habit, a pattern, a pose. Here, we bring you top 10 famous signature poses by the equally famous Bollywood stars. Take a look!

Shah Rukh Khan

Well, we are all well aware with Shah Rukh Khan’s signature pose, are we not? We have seen the pose in almost all of his films, without it, the film somehow feels incomplete and to be honest, even after so many years, the pose never went out of fashion and still succeeded in charming us!

Salman Khan

Well, Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan, Salman Khan has two signature poses and both of them show off his perfectly toned physique! The first very famous pose by the star is the one where he holds both his hands behind his head (In simple term, striking a pose where he looks like as if he is smelling his armpits) and his second favourite and common pose if where he stands with his both hands flat on his back, again, bare chested.

Aamir Khan     

Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan’s this pose stands out as he always poses like this. On silver screen or outside of it, Aamir Khan’s signature pose is the one where he poses with his hands inside his pockets. Aamir Khan’s been clicked far too many time posing his favourite signature pose!

Priyanka Chopra

The multitalented star, Priyanka Chopra just can’t let go of her right hand off her head, it seems as she is often snapped posing the same signature pose in all her photo-shoots and even music videos. Priyanka’s favourite pose is the one where she stands elegantly with her right hand pushed in her hair just slightly.

Shahid Kapoor

Bollywood’s no-longer-in-the-market star, Shahid Kapoor’s signature pose is quite common, but honestly, he is the one who pulls it off perfectly and makes it look outstanding. Shahid is often spotted posing with his thumbs up and flashing his perfect smile!

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek’s this pose is more of a habit than an attempt to do something as he is MOSTLY snapped glaring at the camera with his face’s right side in full view. Be it with a gun in his hand or not, Abhishek’s signature pose is him trying to toughen up and come out as an angry man, which kind of suits him.

John Abraham

With his head titled softly to left side, John Abraham’s signature pose shows him in showing off his perfectly sculptured body, with or without clothes. John often poses to his left side in almost all his photo-shoots and films.

Sunny Deol

By far every Bollywood fan knows that nobody messed with Sunny Deol. Nobody! And if one is insane enough to rough his feather, Sunny’s aggressive side takes control and strikes the signature pose of him with his index finger pointing out with eyes full of fury.

Suniel Shetty

Just like Aamir Khan, Suniel Shetty is also the hands inside the pocket pose kind of guy as this is his signature pose. Be it at airport or at a screening, Suniel knows just this pose, it seems as he is often clicked with both his hands inside his pockets.

Himesh Reshmiya

They call Himesh Reshmiya the “man-in-the-cap” for a reason. Himesh Reshmiya’s signature pose is the one where we see him with his head titled to right side, wearing his cap. In some many different situations, we have spotted Himesh sporting his cap and similar pose.

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