5 Reasons Why Diwali Is So Special For Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh-01Shah Rukh Khan loves Diwali. His films invariably go release on Diwali and at times, he gets to any length to secure this date for his release. So what is it that works for Shah Rukh Khan during Diwali? We try to find out.

1. He has hardly seen a dark Diwali whenever he released his films on this day. Some of his biggest hits have come on this day. Be it Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, this day has sparkled for him in more ways than one

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2. Shah Rukh Khan enjoys a fantastic fan base who are loyal to him and have always cheered him. Try what you may, a true Shah Rukh loyalist will see something good in every bad thing he does. He is perhaps the only Khan who has an enviable fan following overseas and we are not talking about Dubai and others. Germany and Russia have fan clubs dedicated to him. All this love has come from the plethora of films that he has done.

3. All his Diwali releases have earned money in various capacities. Some big some small and hence, this festival of lights have brightened up his track record more often than any other day of the year.

4. Given his track record, hardly anyone dares to release their film alongside him. Those who did couldn’t last longer. So he majorly gets a solo release on this day every year.

5. Diwali is a happy festival and his films on this day have mostly been ones with a happy ending. Won’t you love to go home with smiles on your face during Diwali? Obviously!

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