7 Hours To Go: Sandeepa Dhar To Perform Jackie Chan Stunts

Sandeepa-Dhar-Jackie-ChanAfter giving some amazing performances in Dabangg 2 and Heropanti, Sandeepa is back with 7 hours to go. Critics favourite child Sandeepa Dhar is all set to play a cop in her forthcoming film 7 Hours to go. The actress is playing a hard core cop and not holding anything back to portray the character with as much conviction as possible. She will be seen doing some deadly stunts in the film that most men in the industry will shy away from.

Sandeepa says, “I am always a little taken aback, when in this day and age people are surprised that a woman will play an action oriented role. My action stunts will be very different. My stunts in the film will have glimpses of Jackie Chan’s action. It would take years of discipline to match up to a legend of Jackie but I am trying to give my best shot and my trainer is quite happy with the progress. I hope my training will translate well on screen

Sandeepa being a perfectionist she is going out of her way to give it a perfect shot. Sandeepa will be seen some high end action stunts in the film and to get the perfect look and body language Sandeepa is getting trained in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) from Sushant Singh‘s trainer.

I play a cop in 7 Hours to go and it is imperative that my character’s physique seems like a person who has undergone rigorous physical training. I felt it was important for me to learn a martial art form so that my body language is natural as a cop. Thus I started training in MMA from a highly recommended trainer who used to train Sushant Singh Rajput. ” Says Sandeepa Dhar 

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