7 Unknown Facts About Shraddha Kapoor

ABCD-2-Trailer-Launch-Shraddha-Kapoor1.    Shraddha Kapoor prefers talking over the phone more than texting

2.    Shraddha Kapoor loves to shop for pants. She has a huge array of pants

3.   Shraddha Kapoor is not really a tech freak

4.   Shraddha Kapoor loves the sight of the sea. The actress who stays by the sea side,  looks at the sea as soon as she wakes up

5.    Shraddha Kapoor loves tea but off late she has shifted to green tea

6.    Shraddha Kapoor is extremely attached to her dog, Shyloh.

7.    Shraddha Kapoor drinks a lot of water, about 6-7 litres a day.

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