8 Looks That Prove Ranveer Singh Is The Master Of Androgynous Fashion


Playing it safe, is not one of Ranveer Singh‘s characteristics. He is maddeningly unpredictable when it comes to choosing his roles and his wardrobe. Ushering in an era of gender-fluid fashion, we have seen no other celebrity channel androgyny as effectively as Ranveer.

Being experimental in fashion is always appreciated. Reinterpreting various looks can pave the way for a fresh statement. Ranveer Singh goes a step ahead by defying the rules altogether. Blurring the distinction between men’s and women’s fashion, he’s taken the tricky mid-path. Androgyny is not easy to pull off, but Ranveer‘s confidence and ballsiness has silenced every fashion critic out there.

Women’s fashion has seen tremendous evolution over the years. We can’t say the same for menswear. The straight silhouettes and the classic colors reappear in men’s fashion every now and then. It’s refreshing to see that Ranveer Singh has successfully broken out of the old mould, defying the laid down fashion doctrines for men.

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