Loved Raees Trailer,Looking Forward To The Film Said Kaabil Director Sanjay Gupta


The much awaited and discussed clash of 2017 at the box-office is Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil. As the release date draws closer, the makers of both the films are getting nervous and jittery.

There have been various reports and interviews, where Rakesh Roshan, producer of Kaabil and Shah Rukh Khan has spoken at length about the clash. The two teams even reportedly met up a couple of times with no solution at the end of such discussions. Finally, they are destined to clash at the box-office on January 25.

Unlike what a director should feel when his film is about to clash with another big one at box-office, director of Kaabil, Sanjay Gupta seems calm and composed.  Here’s what he has to say about Raees.

In an interview, he admitted to being excited about Raees. He was quoted saying, “It’s the kind of film I used to make earlier. I loved the trailer of Raees, and I am looking forward to it. Rahul (Dholakia; director of ‘Raees’) is an excellent director and a good friend. It will be interesting to see him direct Shah Rukh,” says Gupta.

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Gupta however feels unlike, Hollywood and even for films from down South which never see a big clash, the lack of unity amongst the producers in Bollywood is a major setback in this case. “In Hollywood, you won’t see two big films releasing on the same day. Even down South, the producers’ body is cohesive, so there are rarely any clashes. Unfortunately in B-Town, we have four different producer bodies. So it is practically impossible for the industry to take a collective call,” he states in the same interview.

Speaking about the trust placed by both the Roshans on him for the film, he said, “Both Rakeshji and Hrithik have shown immense faith in me and I don’t want to disappoint them. Working with a star like Hrithik comes with its own expectations. I hope we give the audience their money’s worth.

Earlier, Gupta had mentioned that Hrithik is not Shah Rukh’s competition as the two have a gap of 10 years and are from a different generation in Bollywood.

We have to wait and watch if this clash affects the number game for both or either of the two films.

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