A Glimpse of Future Digital Marketing with Digital Pratik

As 2020 is coming, we see many changes in digital marketing. Changing scenario in digital marketing’s SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, AI and many more. With constant changes in Technology, Digital Pratik feels companies and Digital Marketing experts needs to be ready with upgrades to create attention towards their Brands.

According to Pratik Digital Marketing is mandatory process now for companies and experts due to constant changes in technology. So companies will need Digital Marketing experts to stay alive on Online Platform.

So let us see five crucial things which are going to be in the top list of every Digital Marketing experts list according to Digital Pratik to remain in shape for present and future.

Video Marketing: Video Marketing is the big thing now in today’s time as it can attract more visitors from worldwide if you know how to do it right. It makes it easy to understand for the people who don’t want to read things. Youtube is the best example as it is the second most thing and more significant than many social platforms. So live content, streams on social media platform will rule Digital Marketing by 2020.

Voice Search: We will hear more of Alexa noise and Hey Google in the coming years for sure. It will be a tough task for Digital Marketers how to sort out queries of Voice Search. You have to differentiate between research and purchase.

Storytelling: Yes, it is the old way of Digital marketing, but still it is the most reliable way of doing digital marketing because if you have meaningful content as blogs and all you will get more keywords in your site which can help you grow in rankings than others. But you should be sure with your content; it should be plagiarism free and user-friendly.

Artificial intelligence: AI offers what humans cannot. Chatbots is the most buzzing thing right now in AI.

AI gives you simulated human communications, you get the solution for all the devices with it. Innovations like Chatbots will replace most of the limited technical things.

Basic things: No matter how much technology grows but basics will remain the same lifetime in Digital Marketing you need well-organized website, top class content, links, proper coding, tags, are necessary things without that you cannot go long because it is your online identity and people will trust you if you have Good website. Pratik feels no matter whether you hire top-class experts for your brand, if your basic things are not right, then NO Expert can help you and take you on top in search engine.

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