New Heartthrob Of India Knocking The Door Of Success Manjul Khattar

We see many Apps which are doing successfully on our Mobile like tik tok, snapchat, Hike and many more. People are becoming extremely famous from this kind of Apps and companies have found a new way of marketing and it is working too.

The charm of Gurugram Haryana: Manjul Khattar is from Gurugram a Boy with super looks, charm and he can easily make his presence felt where ever he goes, the style which he carries is awesome and suits him well too, he like sports cricket, football. This Haryanvi Handsome Guy got the fame from social apps like tik tok, Hike and many more.

Fame from Social Platforms: He has not even done a single movie or show still Manjul Khattar is very famous and his fans are from every corner of the world due to Apps and Instagram. He first started to post his pictures and videos of his acting on Instagram and in no time he came into limelight due to his charming personality, if we are not wrong Manjul Khattar would be having the highest number of female following without doing any project Girls are going crazy and just loving him for whatever he does. 

Next Heart Throb of India: He is surely our next-gen Indian Heartthrob with a combo of style, looks, and acting. His fan following shows how famous he is. as he has a large number of followers who adore him daily for his acting, looks, style and also follow his videos, pictures and all in Instagram, tik tok, hike and at many more Apps in large number. He is already a celebrity and we feel he is going to get the super start for whatever he does whether it is T.V. shows or Silver Screen.

Star @ 20: He represents India in Tik Tok as he is the most famous person on Tiktok app at the age of 20 he is a superstar from Social Platforms. This is the power of social media and Apps people getting recognition from such places around the world and Manjul Khattar is the best example of it. He also knows how to use these platforms and he has never been vulgar to gain popularity actually he sets an example of how to use the social platform in a mature way.

Promoting Famous Brands: Manjul Khattar has already worked for many Brands which is superb A person who has no background in this field is getting so many offers and work.  He is also in talks with many film directors and T.V. shows who are looking to cast him.

All the Best: We wish Manjul Khattar all the best for his Bright future and looking to his dashing personality we will surely see a star which is going to make a huge name in India in the near future. He is surely a talent to look out for He is just a step away from getting real superstar fame which he deserves.

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