A New Romance Brewing Up For Anushka Sharma

Who is Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma getting close to lately?
Who is Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma getting close to lately?

MUMBAI: It looks like Anushka Sharma has seriously and irrevocably put her friendship with Ranveer Singh behind her. If  sources close to Yashraj Films are to be believed she is now getting close to Ranveer’s ‘Gunday’ rival Arjun Kapoor. Very close.

A source close to Yashraj revealed how the two have come together to form an unbreakable alliance. “Arjun and Anushka used to  hang around in a group with Shahid Kapoor and others.  It all started with both of them going out to movies and for dinners as part of one gang.”

Somewhere during the course of the collective kinship Arjun and Anushka sought out a proximity to one another. Says the friend, “We all thought Shahid and Anushka were getting close to one another. Suddenly of late we’ve noticed a change in the equation between Arjun and Anushka. They are constantly confiding in and whispering to one anther. From being part of the group they’ve become an inseparable twosome.”

According to the friend it all started  as a relationship on the rebound. “Anushka would confide in Arjun  about her problems with Ranveer. His roving eyes and his penchant for being linked with every heroine he worked with drove her up the wall. Arjun provided her with a sympathetic shoulder. Somewhere down the line Arjun became an important support system.”

The two are as of now very close friends but very very discreet and careful about not putting up any show of public demonstration of affection because that’s the way their parent company wants it. Says the source, “Yashraj wouldn’t really want two of their inhouse actors to focus on one another.  Anushka and Arjun are keeping their kinship as close to their hearts as possible. But somewhere it’s bound to show up. It’s only a matter of time before their mutual affection bubbles over. They are definitely serious about one another.”