Aamir Khan Cheats Hrithik Roshan


Aamir-HrithikSo Bang Bang! released and you would accept Hrithik Roshan’s dare drive to end too. But it seems even if he wants, he cannot drop it down. Aamir Khan finally accepted his dare but the actor managed to get out of it without actually creating a mayhem.

Now let us tell you what was Hrithik Roshan’s dare to Aamir. He wrote, “By POPULAR DEMAND! today’s #bangbangdare goes 2 d man himself THE PK! @aamir_khan! Your dare is -” PUT THE TRANSISTOR DOWN!!’ Yes…you read right and you are definitely thinking correct. IN the first poster of PK, Aamir Khan stood with just a transistor covering his male asset and now Hrithik wants it down. He even threatened Aamir with dire consequences, if he doesn’t accept it. He posted, “Nahin karoge to punishment milega! Who bhi bangbang style mein! Kya bolte ho logon? ACCEPT?? @aamir_khan”.

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Well, when someone provokes you this bad and that to on a social platform, you cannot afford to ignore. So Aamir accepted it but not without a disclaimer. He wrote, “@iHrithik Hey Hritik I accept the dare! Have asked Raju for the transistor, its on the way!!!” and @iHrithik Will shoot it asap and send it to you!!! But i take no responsibility for what happens after that (2/2)”

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