Aamir Khan Gets Relief In Lagaan Case

Margarita-Screening-Aamir-KhanAfter Salman Khan got relief from the hit and run case, actor Aamir Khan also got relief from his prolonged Lagaan case.

The actor along with Ashutosh Gowariker and three other technicians were charged with alleged poaching of a rare species of animal Chinkara while shooting for the film Lagaan in the Kutch district of Gujarat in the year 2000.

Apparently, assistant conservator of forest of Kutch range, J E Vyas had filed the complaint against the film team in 2005 citing that he had seen the killing of Chinkara in the scene of film that year.

However, the court dismissed the agreement citing it as imaginary and baseless, because it had no real proof.

Aamir’s personnel close to the case admitted that the scene was re-created in the studio with some special effects and no animal was injured in the course.

With regard to the case,  Chief Justice V M Sahai said, “This case falls in the category of rarest of rare cases as it leads to insurmountable harassment, agony and pain to the petitioners, as well as to their reputation only on the imagination of the complainant (forest official) of unknown facts.”

After the arguments, the court opined that no complaint can be filed on the basis of a scene in the film. However, the whole team accused of poaching is now free from the shackles of the court door.

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