Aamir Khan REACTS To Kangana Ranaut Accusing Karan Johar Of Nepotism In Bollywood!


It’s Aamir Khan’s birthday today.

As we all know, recently Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut made comments on nepotism in the film industry. This was done on Karan Johar’s famous talk show, Koffee With Karan 5. On the show, Karan Johar was called the ‘flagbearer of nepotism’ by Kangana Ranaut. After days, Karan Johar hit back to the actress saying that she is playing a victim card. He said that he is done with Kangana Ranaut playing the ‘victim card and the women card’.

Well, today on his 52nd birthday, Aamir Khan was asked a few questions. He was asked if he is careful while giving his opinion in any matter. To which he replied, “I have always been careful about giving my opinions. I don’t think I have ever been careless about giving my opinions in the matter. I have always been careful and hopefully continue to be careful. But I would also like to say what I feel.

The very next question that was asked to Aamir Khan was about “nepotism”.  During the media interaction on his birthday today, Aamir was asked to comment on the nepotism in the industry. And also about the fight between Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar.

At first, Aamir Khan asked what does nepotism means. After knowing about it from the media, he went ahead to say, “I feel that is very natural and emotional human nature.”

He stopped there and made it clear that he is talking only about nepotism and NOT about Kangana and Karan’s controversy. Well, smartly he ignored talking about Karan and Kangana but chose to speak about nepotism.

The birthday boy Aamir Khan said, “I feel that is very natural and emotional human nature to help people who you love and care for. It does not need to be someone or a part of your family…. it can be for someone you care for, it is a very natural emotion.”

He also added saying that he would never like to indulge in such kind of emotion. Aamir added, “I try and make sure that in my work I try not to allow that because I think as an actor it’s my responsibility towards the audience and I give importance to that. I try not to bring emotions into my work.”