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[tps_footer]Aamir Khan, fresh from the super success of Dhoom 3 in which he performed a number of bike stunts, attended an event organized to mark the road safety week in Mumbai on January 03, 2013.

Aamir appealed to the Maharashtra Transport Department to make motor vehicle license seekers undergo strict driving tests to ensure safety on roads.

“Fail us a number of times. Till the time, you (the transport department) feel we are not capable of driving properly, do not give us license so that we cannot take in our hands the killing machine,” stated Aamir.

The Superstar also requested the people, particularly youngsters, to not perform any stunts seen in the movie, as there is a lot of difference between reel and real life.

“In the film, stunts were performed under the supervision of stunt experts and all the safety measures were taken care off,” he said.

Aamir was the guest of honour at the Road Safety Seminar that was organized by the Maharashtra Highway Traffic Police at Sahyadri, the state guesthouse in South Mumbai.

“It is an emotional topic and issue for me. Like you all, even I feel worried about my family when they go out. As per the little knowledge I have, one out of thousand persons in India die in road accidents. It is a serious matter. It is not less than a disease. If we will not learn how to use this powerful machine in a proper way, then it may take somebody else’s life or our life. We should know that we are using the vehicle to reach at a destination and we should use it very carefully. We are very eager to get motor vehicle license. All youngsters should know, analyze and ask ourselves, if we actually deserve the license. If you do not deserve, then one should not take it” Aamir said while addressing the gathering.

Aamir also requested the transport department to carry out tough tests and scrutiny before issuing licenses.

Kudos to Aamir Khan for being a part of such a cause and this deserves a GRAND SALUTE from us.[/tps_footer]