Why Aamir Khan Shouldn’t Do Munnabhai’s Third Film?

Aamir-So Aamir Khan wants to be Circuit in the third instalment of the hit Munnabhai series. Well, the news is both exciting and disturbing at the same time. It will be great to have Aamir portray the flamboyant foulmouthed yet lovable Circuit in the film but there could be issues. Here are few of the reasons why Rajkumar Hirani shouldn’t pay heed to Aamir’s request.

1. First and foremost, we love Arshad Warsi as circuit. It defined him and his stature in the industry when Munnabhai MBBS released. He is affable and is already a hit with the audience. Changing him might prove fatal for the series.

2. Audience likes and loves Aamir Khan but they too might not accept him as Circuit. Aamir comes with a certain image which can into a baggage for the film.

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3. Aamir Khan’s interference in films is legendary. We know what became of Amole Gupte when he tried keep his film (Taare Zameen Par) his own. Munnabhai series is a brand which should be diluted by going for a star figure. It works perfectly that the main lead is a star while the sidekick is an acceptable actor.

4. With Aamir as circuit, he will demand more screen space. All this while Arshad Warsi’s character was used to the point it is necessary. With Aamir in, the space will widen and before we know, the series will get renamed as Circuit bana Munna!

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