Aamir Khan To Fly Down For Big B’s Birthday Bash?

Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

Abhishek Bachchan who was shooting in Chicago for Dhoom 3 has return to Mumbai on the morning of October 7 in time for his father’s grand 70th birthday party.

What comes as a pleasant surprise is the news that Aamir Khan who is shooting in Chicago with Abhishek might also be flying down for this occasion, just for a day.

Says a source close to the Bachchans, “Aamir might fly back to Mumbai for the bash and then would return to Chicago after the event with Abhishek.”

When probed further we got to know that Aamir was “damn excited” about the event.

Says our source, “Aamir has been drawing closer to the Bachchan family for the last few years. Though Abhishek is very close to Shah Rukh and considers him the elder brother he never had, the junior Bachchan has become very close to Aamir during the Dhoom schedule in Chicago. Aamir has not only been very friendly with Abhishek, his wife and little son have also warmed up to Abhishek’s wife Aishwarya and his baby daughter Aaradhya. There is major bonding happening out there.”

Apparently Aamir has also been advising Abhishek on how to go about his scenes in Dhoom 3. The two, we hear, are now on the same page.

When the topic of the Big B’s birthday celebrations came up in Chicago, Aamir apparently showed a keen interest in the details.

Says our source, “Abhishek gladly shared all the plans and details adding he would have loved to have Aamir join him in his Dad’s big moment. Aamir immediately suggested they fly down together.”

At the time of writing this, attempts are being made to relieve Aamir from the schedule which is expected to continue till the third week of October.

Whether Aamir finally flies down to be at the bash or not, this incident has certainly brought him closer to the Bachchan family.