Aamir Khan Would Have Harmed Ship Of Theseus: Kiran Rao


MUMBAI: While Kiran Rao surely seems to be going the Aamir Khan way, and borrow a leaf from the actor-producer for marketing ‘Ship Of Theseus’, she says getting the star on board would have harmed the project. 

Anand Gandhi has helmed ‘Ship Of Theseus’, which has made it to rounds of several film festivals across the globe like Toronto and Dubai. It’s a very niche film, which might appeal to audiences who are keen followers of art-house and world cinema.

“His (Aamir) coming on board would have harmed the film because Aamir comes with a huge audience and expectations. So when Aamir Khan says watch the film, lot of people will turn up. They might get disappointed as this will not suit everyone’s taste,” says Kiran Rao.

This is probably one reason that Kiran Rao has not joined hands with Aamir Khan and is individually presenting ‘Ship Of Theseus’ along with distributors UTV. She also has no plans of elaborately promoting ‘Ship Of Theseus’ across television platforms and is doing so only via the digital medium like the Internet and social media.

She admits to the fact that ‘Ship Of Theseus’ is a non-mainstream film and is sans a star. Set to release across 30 screens initially across five cities, and only if response is overwhelming will she release it more halls, adds Kiran Rao.