Aamir Khan’s Instagram Account Is As Unique As Him!


Known to be a Marketing Genius, Aamir Khan is already setting trends on Instagram by using the platform as never before.  In a masterstroke, Aamir Khan has changed the face of using Instagram with a brilliant idea.

The actor has given a special character to his Instagram account. With a series of nine posts, the actor’s page hosts a collage compilation of a picture and eliminates the feature of archiving.

The complete picture is broken down likes pieces of a puzzle on your timeline which will only get solved on the superstar’s account. Each post on the timeline carries the impact of a teaser.

Aamir Khan is not only exploring new markets with his films and setting benchmarks, but the creative maverick is also setting precedents on social media. The actor, who is the most recent to debut on Instagram is doing things differently.

Even if you are remotely digital, you would know Aamir’s Instagram page is one of the most talked about social media pages of recent time, with the actor grabbing eyeballs with every post. In fact it is one of the most buzzing accounts.

With a picture series of nine posts, Aamir Khan gives an insight to one unseen visual from his life for his fans.

In less than two weeks since joining Instagram, Aamir is using the photo sharing medium rather unconventionally, creating immense buzz and excitement with each post.

Another interesting detail is that Aamir’s Instagram page does not archive, each time the actor posts, his previous posts are deleted to host the new image.

With this, Aamir continues to draw audience to himself, be it on the big screen or his social media page. The creative genius sure knows how to deliver unique treats.

Well, whoever cracked this unique idea needs to take a bow! In all possibility it must be genius Aamir himself.