Aamir Khan To Take Off Two Months Along With Wife Kiran Rao For Paani Foundation


Aamir Khan’s Midas touch is not limited to his films but it also positively impacts his social initiatives.

Aamir Khan’s initiative of Paani foundation’s Satyameva Jayate Water Cup has grown to achieve what they were set out to in the last three years

The actor who has been busy shooting for his upcoming film will take some time off along with wife Kiran Rao for Paani foundation and will be dedicating 2 months entirely to look into the work personally.

During the actor’s recent Facebook Live, Aamir shared, “I have been travelling to different villages all day and I’m speaking to people from different villages about the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup (a competition in which villages compete to win prizes for the best watershed management work) and encouraging them. Some of them have already completed their training so Kiran (Rao) and I in the months of April and May travel around Maharashtra and we go to different villages where work is happening and we work with the villagers and discover such wonderful stories which are very inspiring.”

Aamir further adds, “You must know that all the success that you see in these villages is all their own efforts. we have not given them any monetary help. We have only given them knowledge and encouraged them”.

The actor who started an NGO named Paani Foundation in 2016 had decided to tackle the challenges of droughts.