Aamir Khan’s Wife Kiran Rao Comments On Zaira Wasim Molestation Case

Aamir Khan's Wife Kiran Rao Comments On Zaira Wasim Molestation Case

Aamir Khan’s wife and director Kiran Rao finally comments on Zaira Wasim molestation case.

Secret Superstar actress Zaira Wasim has been in news ever since she went live on Instagram and narrated her plight of being allegedly molested. The incident happened when she was aboard Delhi-Mumbai Air Vistara flight. The alleged molester, Vikas Sachdeva had apparently stroked Zaira’s back and neck whilst placing his foot on the armrest of the actress’ window seat. After deboarding the flight she went live; the police detained and arrested Vikas from his home just days later.

Vikas’ wife, Diyva Sachdeva while speaking with Spotboye, claims that the incident is merely a publicity stunt “This girl has been influenced by fame and wrongly accused my husband Vikas,”

Divya further explained, “My husband was coming home from Delhi. His mamaji had passed away and he was not in the right frame of mind. He was feeling very low and asked for a blanket. He wanted to sleep. I am shocked at Zaira’s allegation. The police have taken my husband into custody. They came home this morning. Why did Zaira not raise an alarm then and there? Why did Zaira tweet 2 hours later? Zaira had her mother for company. Despite that, the two ladies chose not to make any noise, why?”

A co-passenger too has come forward and revealed what exactly had happened to TOI. The co-passenger was seated in the same class with the actress and the suspect. “I saw Sachdeva doze off immediately after he settled in his seat after boarding the flight at Delhi. His fault was he kept his legs on the armrest, which was wrong. I did not see him misbehaving. He also apologized when the actor shouted at him when the flight landed at Mumbai airport and the matter was settled then.”

Despite the statements, Vikas is still in judicial custody until December 22nd. Given the sensitivity of the incident, Bollywood celebrities are thronging in support of Zaira Wasim.

Zaira’s mentor Aamir Khan’s wife, Kiran Rao has finally commented on the incident. While talking to the press during the premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, Kiron said, “It’s important that we raise our voice what we want to say but in her situation I would have brought it up in the plane, I think it would have been better to address it there and then with the person and the staff. But it’s important though that she spoke up about it and I hope the issue gets clarified.”

We hope that justice gets served quickly. Let us know what do you think about this case in the comments below!

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