Aapke Kamre Mein Koi Rehta Hai: A Film On R D Burman

Asha Bhosle with R D Burman
Asha Bhosle with R D Burman

This is not quite the bio-pic that Panchamda, better known as R D Burman, would hope for.

While the full-fledged formal bio-pic produced by Eros Entertainment awaits clearance from RD’s significant other, Asha Bhosle, another producer Sunil Bohra has not only embarked on his own Bumanesque journey, he has also roped in Vipin Sharma, who played Darsheel Safari’s father in Taare Zameen Par, to play R.D. Burman.

But this is Burman with a twist. The late and timeless composer features in the film entitled Aapke Kamre Mein Koi Rehta Hai as a ghost, played by Vipin Sharma.

Producer Sunil Bohra who wrote the film elaborates, “Aapke Kamre Main Koi Rehta Hai is about six friends, three boys and three girls who form a musical band and are obsessed with R.D Burman’s music. They try to create songs modeled on Burman’s compositions. But they aren’t getting anywhere in life. Someone suggests they should go visit a particular guest house on Panchgani where RD used to drive down from Mumbai to create his music.”

That’s where R.D. Burman’s ghost enters the plot.

Says Bohra, “The guest house is haunted by Panchamda’s ghost, played by Vipin Sharma, who befriends the youngsters and tells them not to copy him. ‘Imitation is the death of creativity. Think of what would’ve happened to my career and music if I had copied my father Sachindev Burma,’ Panchamda warns the youngsters. Here onwards the film would track the music band’s journey to sucesss.”

Bohra says the film, to be directed by Arshad Khan which starts shooting next month and would be completed in time for RD’s 19th death anniversary on 4 January, would be a plea for originality among today’s musicians.

“And that’s why we are not going to use RD’s songs in the film. That would be a simple route to success. But it would also defeat the film’s theme whereby RD urges youngsters not to copy him. So we will only take the rights of the RD song Aapke kamre mein koin rehta hai from the film Yaadon Ki Baraat. All the rest of the music would be original.”

Aapke Kamre Mein Koi Rehta Hai would also be dubbed into Bengali. The film’s Bengali title would be Mone Pore Ruby Roy. That’s the title of R.D Burman’s superhit Bengali song which later became Meri bhigi bhigi si in Hindi in Kishore Kumar’s voice for the film Anamika.

Ruby Roy was apparently R.D Burman’s fantasy woman.

Says Bohra, “We wanted to call both the Hindi and Bengali versions Mone Pore Ruby Roy. But we felt Hindi audiences would be lost on that one. So we’ve titled the Hindi version Aapke Kamre Mein Koi Rehta Hai. Considering there’s Panchamda’s ghost haunting the film’s protagonists, that’s quite apt.”

Incidentally the film would also have Asha Bhosle making a guest appearance. We hear the singing diva would be played by the Gangs Of Wasseypur actress Rich Chadda who sings quite well in real life.