Abhishek Bachchan Wants To Act In Yuvraj Singh’s Biopic


Yuvraj-abhishekAbhishek Bachchan’s obsession for sports is for all to see. He is on the winning side of the Indian Kabaddi league with his Jaipur team and can be seen supporting Mumbai’s franchise in Indian Super League.

So did not come as a surprise to me when Abhishek declared that he is very keen to work on Yuvraj Singh’s biopic.

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That’s not it. Abhishek also wants to play the cricketer’s role in the film. He will apparently buy the rights of Test Of My Life, an autobiography on Yuvraj Singh’s struggle on and off the field with his cancer struggle forming a part of it as well.

It seems he has already sounded off Yuvraj about the same. We don’t know if he has received his approval.

Well, given the way biopics are faring these days, it is wise for Abhishek to jump in the bandwagon as a producer and actor because you should always milk an opportunity till it lasts.

The moment the audience loses interest in the life of a sportsperson, this trend will die down too.