Abish Matthew Opens Up About Working With Fellow Artists On Comictsaan


Owing to the phenomenal success of season one, Amazon Prime Video Original’s Comicstaan the makers have renewed the show for the second season. While the performances are being enjoyed, the audience is also enjoying the banters between Abish Matthew and Sumukhi Suresh who host the show.

Abish has been a known face to the comic industry for a long time and has been winning hearts of the audience owing to his phenomenal energy and spontaneity. While the audience already knew AbishMatthew as a host, Sumukhi Suresh was hosting a reality show for the first time.

Sharing insights from the journey of season one, Abish Matthew expressed his thoughts on working with Sumukhi.

Abhish Matthew who will be hosting the show along with Sumukhi Suresh for the second season as well opened up about his experience of working with her. He said, “I am not used to hosting 2 people show at all, It is easier for me to do it alone because if the director gives any inputs, I know how to take it and put it, just generally clearly the no. of the times of doing it. But doing it with somebody else is knowing that the other person has an equal amount of opportunity to say, the Other person needs to have an equal amount of jokes as much as I have otherwise it seems very lopsided. But this is something I have the understanding way before, but in the middle in a couple of episodes, Sumukhi and I weren’t finding a balance. Latter half became synced up so well.”

Abish further shared his equation with the judges on the show, saying, ” Kenny, Kaneez if you put them with me, we will do great together because we have done improv together, Kanan and I get each other, I know what he is good at, what he is throwing as a value which he is letting me got it down.”

Bringing together the top comedians of the nation, Comicstaan offers wholesome entertainment with the best artists under a single roof.

Presenting Tanmay Bhat, Kenny Sebastian, Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kaneez Sukra, Naveen Richard and Sapan Verma as judges, Comicstaan is hosted by Abish Matthew and Sumukhi Suresh.

Comicstaan is a nine-episode series presenting a new theme every episode, where the judges hunt for the future of comedy.

Comicstaan is laugh-out-loud funny with carefully plotted jokes, quick-witted dialogue and hilarious memorable moments that are relevant in pop culture today.

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