This ACTRESS Wants Priyanka Chopra To Concentrate On Acting Rather Than Singing


This Actress wants Priyanka Chopra to focus less on singing and more on acting.

It has become a trend for Bollywood actors to do playback singing for their own movies. Actors like Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and Sonakshi Sinha have crooned songs for their movies. Many have even performed live at concerts and reality shows. Well, modern technology certainly helps. Auto-tune and voice correction software are God sent too.  Midst all this Priyanka Chopra even has some international songs to her credit.

Her debut album ‘In My City’ featured Will.I.Am. Erase by The Chainsmokers features Priyanka Chopra. Her latest song Young and Free by Will Sparks.

However, this latest fad has not gone well with real musicians. Reportedly, on the sets of a reality television show, Vishal Dadlani and actress Monica Dogra have made some controversial statements. During a rapid-fire round, Neha Dhupia, guest judge for the episode, asked them which actor-singer should stop singing.

While Vishal took Sonakshi Sinha’s name, Monica Dogra took Priyanka Chopra’s name.
This is not the first time singers and composers have pointed out to leave the singing for those who are trained to sing.

Remember the Twitter war between actress Sonakshi Sinha and singer Armaan Malik?  Before Justin Bieber’s Mumbai concert, there were rumors that Sonakshi is opening the singing act. This did not sit well with many singers. Armaan Malik went on a Twitter rant and stated that a singer should be given that honor and not an actress.

Sonakshi retorted by stating that singers should not feel insecure since it’s the composers who encourage actors to sing. By the way, Sonakshi never sang at the Justin Bieber concert.

During, IIFA 2017, Alia Bhatt was badly trolled for singing out-of-tune while performing.
Recently Ambarsariya singer Sona Mohapatra had taken a dig at Farah Khan’s party for Ed Sheeran. Sona stated that not a single person from the musical fraternity was invited to a party kept in a musician’s honor.

Now only time will tell how Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha will react to this diss.