After Separating From Farhan Akhtar, Adhuna Makes Changes!

farhan-Akhtar-002145[tps_footer]Honestly, those days are gone when a woman was dictated by the standards of the society, pati parmeshwar hain and your identity is your husband, his name and his family. Today’s women know what they want and how to get their things done in their own ways. No woman on this planet needs a guys surname to define her identity. In fact, so many people and even celebs stick to their maiden surname and add their husband’s surname too. And, when is comes to naming a child since the child is the outcome of a man and woman coming together and committing to a lifelong relationship, today, kids get the surname of their mothers too and not just their fathers names. Good change !!


One such strong headed woman we will talk about here is Adhuna Bhambani, yes, she was Adhuna Akhtar before her splits with Farhan Akhtar and in January, both, Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhambani announced their amicable divorce in media to avoid any kind of fake media reports or speculations and asked everyone to give them a lot of space and privacy during this difficult time and that their kids will remain their priority.


Now, if you check out various social media handles that Adhuna has, she has secured it with her maiden surname, Bhambani instead of carrying on with her ex-husband’s surname Akhtar. Adhuna is a very successful celebrity hairstylist and is happily busy running chains of her B:Blunt salons and she’s moving ahead with her life and career.[/tps_footer]

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