Hrithik Roshan – Kangana Ranaut Legal Battle: Guess Whose Side Is Kareena Kapoor Khan On?

kareena speaks up[tps_footer]Kareena Kapoor Khan usually stays away from the limelight and is available only when her films are releasing. Now, that she has Ki And Ka in her kitty, she has all the reasons to be available for all the media interactions. And, one after the other this bombshell Bebo has a lot to confess, share and even voice her opinions on some controversial issues.


Recently, Arjun Kapoor admitted that if he was a “Ki,” his ultimate male crush would be Hrithik Roshan and that although he is called as Greek God but Arjun shared his view on this saying even in Greece you won’t find such handsome Gods. We agree !! And, immediately this question was asked to Kareena Kapoor Khan that if she was a ‘Ka,’ then who would be her female crush? Readers, any guesses ?

It didn’t take too long for Kareena to take this reigning Queen’s name and she said it’s Kangana Ranaut for her. Bebo didn’t stop here, she added that Kangana is a strong woman and whether she is right or wrong she always stands by her choices. She is feisty and she always has guts to speak her mind. In short, she is just like you Bebo !

After the legal notices war between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, people in the industry preferred to stay away from this issue and tried to avoid taking sides, especially Kangana‘s side. Even, Aamir Khan maintained a silence on this topic who says openly what is right and wrong but even he distanced himself from this topic. But, not our Bebo !!!


Honestly, Kareena‘s interviews are always something to watch out for. She certainly has her own voice, opinions and it’s never influenced by someone else. But, still nothing can beat her U-turn on kissing policy and now taking an open stand for Kangana Ranaut. Finally, Kangana has a BFF in the entertainment world.

Congratulations Kangana ! And way to go, Bebo !![/tps_footer]