Adhyayan Suman’s DNA Of Love

Adhyayan SumanYou would think after puncturing people’s hearts and hurting their heads in his latest flick Heartless, Adhyayan Suman, Shekhar Suman‘s son, would rise to the occasion and reconsider his acting aspirations.

But then showbiz doesn’t let anyone quit it so easily. Hence, Suman Junior will soon be seen in yet another love story with a thriller twist called DNA Of Love.

The film will be produced by Abhishek Tyagi and directed by Amit Kasaria. Tyagi is very confident about Adhyayan and his film as he wanted a good looking boy next door for his film.

Apparently, the film will see him face many adversities while on his resolve to pursue his ladylove. It is about a night that brings a lot of trials and tribulations in our hero’s life. How he overcomes them with love seems to be the plot here.

Kasaria’s I Don’t Love You created mild controversy and that’s it. We just hope this love story is really thrilling. Funnily, Adhyayan’s last film was a medical thriller with a love story in the heart of it. This film too is called DNA Of Love.

It seems his association with all things organic is getting stronger by the day. We hope this time round the outcome is also equally strong.

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