Rahul Puri Is The New Managing Director Of Mukta Arts

Rahul Puri is the new MD of Mukta Arts Ltd(1)Rahul Puri has been named the Managing Director of Mukta Arts Ltd recently. Subhash Ghai will work as the Chairman of the company. This transformation was done to bring in some new change and innovations into the organisation.

According to Section 203 of the Companies Act, 2013, same individual can’t be a Managing Director and Chairman of the same company and hence, the decision was taken to promote Puri to the ranks of Managing Director

Subhash Ghai is all praises for Rahul Puri. “After working for thirty years as Managing Director of Mukta Arts, I feel pleased today that the responsible chair of managing director of Mukta Arts Ltd has been entrusted to Rahul Puri by board of directors in our last board meeting. I share this collective decision proudly since like others, I am aware of capacity and capability of Rahul Puri who has been working with Mukta Arts for years as a Director.” stated Subhash Ghai.

When asked to elaborate further, he added, “Rahul Puri is a man of great integrity, quality and responsibility and possesses a complete knowledge of this business in terms of art, commerce and finance.  Especially being a finance man himself he will take the company to the newer heights, I am sure. I convey my best wishes to him for every success in Mukta Arts Ltd with a great future ahead.”

Here’s wishing the new Managing Director of Mukta Arts a great future ahead.

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