AIB Knockout: Karan Johar Upset With The Controversies



Filmmaker Karan Johar is upset by the backlash he received due to his participation in the recently released roast, AIB Knockout, which created a lot of controversy. According to sources, Karan never expected the event to create such a big havoc and thus held an emergency meeting with his Dharma Production staff and directors to discuss about further steps.

The Dharma Production house has come to a conclusion that Karan Johar should lay low till the time the situation cools down. A source close to the director stated, “Karan never knew there would be a backlash like this. He had a meeting with his directors on Tuesday where they all decided that he should lie low and let the furor die down.”

Apparently, all of Bollywood’s superstars have distanced themselves from the subject of AIB Knockout to avoid controversies. A lot of the actors have personally expressed that they did not like what Karan Johar, who played the ‘Roast Master’ in the event did. But no actor has publically come forward and given a statement about the same.

Karan Johar’s powerful friends like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan have remained unavailable for comment about the AIB Knockout. The most respected and admired actor of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan himself only gave a mild criticism to the show saying, “I haven’t seen the show. But abusing in public is not right.”

Another friend revealed, “You will never find Shah Rukh or Aamir indulging in any vulgarity off or on screen. As for Salman he is almost a prude. None of these find what Karan has done stage amusing or entertaining, though they won’t go public against him. The truth is, Karan has angered many of his powerful friends. It is unlikely he will ever attempt something like this again.”

Milk products’ brand, Amul, has come out in support of the AIB Roast controversy and has expressed in its own unique way. The ‘roast’ was, though, said to be of Ranveer and Arjun, but seems like it’s Karan, who’s having a rather adventurous time after the show.


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