AIB Knockout Roast: Film Body Demands Apology From Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar


The Federation Of Western India Cinema Employees (FWICE), which speaks for 22 Bollywood-related organizations, recently issued a letter against the makers and participators of the AIB Knockout. The letter describes the roast as, “a travesty of basic human decency in the name of entertainment and a blot on the culture and very tradition that we need to safeguard.”

Calling the event as ‘cultural terrorism’ the FWICE has asked the event organizers and participants to give an unconditional apology at the earliest. The letter signed by Kamlesh Pandey and Dilip Pithva, the President and General Secretary of the FWICE, respectively, warns of “strict disciplinary action” on the failure of compliance with the terms.

Dilip Pithva also stated, “I had been getting calls about the show from many unhappy members of the industry for the past two days.On Tuesday night, I watched the show. On Wednesday morning, I called up Ashoke Pandit and told him I backed his view on the AIB event. The board met in the afternoon and drafter the letter. This is not the face of the industry. The show is vulgar and the film industry members who have participated in it are creating a wrong perception of the film industry.”

Head of Producer’s Guild and uncle of actress Alia Bhatt who was amongst the audience who attended the AIB roast stated that FWICE has no authority to be issuing such a letter. “Who are they to issue such a letter? FWICE is supposed to protect the interests of cine workers, not pass moral judgments or issue threats,” he said.

Videos of the event have been removed from the internet. Karan Johar, actors Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor have maintained their silence about the issue.

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