Ajaz Khan Says Ya Rab


YARAB0 FI YARAB003 YARAB004 YARAB013 YARAB009 YARAB011 YARAB002 YARAB005 YARAB006 YARAB007 YARAB008 YARAB010 YARAB001 YARAB012 YARAB014[tps_footer]Ajaz Khan, who shot to fame with his stint at Bigg Boss 7, is ready to test Bollywood waters with his new film Ya Rab where is essays the role of an honest cop.

The movie broadly deals with the issue of Jihad and how Quran has been misinterpreted to give birth to terrorism. Ajaz Khan seems to be on a mission and wants to create awareness about the true meaning of Islam among its followers.

The makers, of course, wish to ensure that nobody’s sentiments are hurt through the film. In fact, they recently held a screening for the residents of Dharavi, where both Ajaz and Mahesh Bhatt were present.

“It was Maheshji’s idea that we hold a screening for the people of Dharavi. Its followers often misunderstand Islam. The religion emphasizes the importance of education. It is easy to influence uneducated Muslims,” he explains.

The actor is sure that many of his dialogues will become a rage, just like his one-liners during his Bigg Boss stint. “The public went crazy and were chanting ‘ek number’ after watching the movie. It would be a great achievement if I’m able to influence even one percent of the people through the film,” states Ajaz.

Ajaz is grateful to Mahesh Bhatt who has come forward to promote the film. Vishesh Films will release the movie across India.

Ya Rab directed Hasnain Hyderabadwala stars Vikram Singh, Manzar Sehbai, Ajaz Khan and newcomer Akhilendra Mishra. For the makes, things have not been easy as at the Censor Board as was not ready to clear it with a U/A certificate.

“The examining committee (of Central Board of Film Certification) refused to see the film and give it the certificate that we wanted. We wanted U/A certificate for the film but the Censor Board was not willing to do so unless some cuts were done. The revising committee got cold feet. Finally the director Hasnain Hyderabadwala and me went to the Tribunal and thank god, India has people who have integrity, who have courage. There Lalit Bhasin, who was heading the Tribunal, looked at Hasnain with awe and said ‘you have made a brilliant film. I think India needs to see this film.” stated Mahesh Bhatt.

Ya Rab releases on February 07, 2014.

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